eBrains’ Customer Delivery Network™ intersects with your customer wherever they may be online, engages them to opt-in and then cleanses all leads through our unique process.

All leads are solely for individual advertisers and must be proactively requested by the consumer. The eBrains difference is validation and confirmation, and constant source optimization.

  • All online leads must pass our six-phase cleansing before they become a validated lead
  • We incorporate back-end research to confirm the actual conversion to customer/sales results and ROMI
  • Lead sources are continually optimized based on email and conversion performance

Client benefits include:

  • Fast, scalable and quality growth to email databases for ongoing tactical support to industry
  • 45% average conversion rates to visitor parties, gross
  • 19% average conversion rates to visitor parties, net/incremental
  • Strong lifetime value, continuing to convert to visits year after year
Network Graphic