Ron Hauwert

Ron may not have become the country’s official “Host of Foreign Dignitaries,” as he’d hoped as a kid, but our Chief Online Brain does dabble in the travel and tourism industries via his laser-sharp email-based marketing skills. Having honed his strategy with premier brands such as Toshiba, PetSmart and as Email Czar at Village Voice Media, Ron is adept at explaining the difference between email delivery rates and inbox rates — and applying his depth of knowledge to increase the former. But don’t just take our word for it — Ron was recognized by Marketing Sherpa for his use of dynamic content and triggered messaging in 2006 before either became email industry buzzwords!

Beyond the email geekery of deployment, deliverability, spam, tracking and reporting, Ron’s a family man. Married as a teenager, he’s as learned in the ways of love and laughter as he is the “ruthless accountability” of his work. Travel and family time top his list of extracurricular pursuits, but both no doubt inform his success in the office — not only has Ron perfected the art of destination marketing, but his interpersonal acumen have aided him in developing and promoting scores of employees over the course of his 15+ year career, making him an invaluable business strategist in the evolution of our company.