Renea Dettman

Growing up in a rural setting, Renea aspired to do anything but farm work when she grew up. “I wanted no more dealing with chickens, cows or pigs.”  So far, that requirement has been met. Still, Renea’s Midwestern roots run deep: her caffeinated beverage of choice is a cold Pepsi (and she’s not afraid to add a little Jack Daniels when the time is right) and she’s a proud domestic goddess, occupying her free time with gardening and other Martha-approved pursuits. Always eager for the next adventure, Renea loves the freedom of not having a perfectly clear future. “I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up but have had an amazing journey just rolling with what comes my way,” she reflects.

In the role of senior brain, Renea applies more than 20 years experience ranging from online marketing to government contracting. Renea made the jump from politics to travel and hospitality and hasn’t looked back, saying that she loves the industry more than any other in which she has worked.  “Travel and hospitality are full of warm, hardworking people,” she says. Renea’s work is informed by an impressive portfolio of clients, as well as a profound understanding of how to maintain strong client relationships. Her best tip? Good communication skills: “The online space is hard for people to grasp so it takes great communication to fully understand and explain the ‘interwebs.’” Indeed!