Greg Welker

Greg — or G-Rap, as his friends call him — always wanted to be a superhero.  That hasn’t happened (yet), but our creative digital design guru has pulled some pretty bold moves, like the time he packed up his worldly possessions and spent his life savings to move to Portland, OR from Kansas City (where’d he already made a name for himself professionally, having won an Addy award from his work). Greg began working for us shortly after the big move and the rest is history — though Greg’s advice to his younger self would be “Do it! Wait — Don’t do it!”  For the record, we’re glad he did.

Change worked out for the better, allowing Greg to regularly sit on a wooded porch, coffee in hand, taking in the natural Oregon countryside that inspires his creative flow. Fluidity is key to Greg’s success when designing impactful digital campaigns, indeed Greg’s internal motto to “Adapt. Learn. Grow” has served him well with clients such as Burger King, Microsoft, Simon and RH Donnelley (Spring/SBC). He may have perfected his approach, but Greg also kindly concedes that his favorite part about the job is working with inspiring people. What a guy!