Donna Mracek

“Play hard, work hard, but do both of them well,” says Donna. In a lot of ways, Ms. Mracek’s own ethos sums up what it’s like to work at eBrains. She’s been living those wise words since high school when she made the decision to pursue advertising as a career, just four short years later landing at an ad agency and never looking back. She’s won many awards and worn multiple hats in her 20+ year career in advertising.  Donna’s strength is taking a strategic idea and tearing it apart to first understand it completely and then figure out how to deliver it right. She is continuously curious about how the digital world works and nurtures our discipline specialists to continue to seek a better solution than the last one. But what Donna loves most is the team with whom she works with and their dedication to excellence.

But like she said, all that hard work requires a little balance. Donna’s passions outside of the office include “Being a mom, being a mom and being a mom.” Some might see it as the hardest job of all, but Donna enjoys every minute. In fact, her enthusiasm for family goes beyond caring for her own: Donna volunteers her time and marketing services to the Mothers’ Milk Bank, which provides donated breast milk to the most fragile babies in need.