Cathy Seay

Cathy has a creative mind that spans mediums and sectors, producing compelling, effective, creative work and receiving countless local, regional and national awards in the process. In her more than three decades in marketing and advertising, this Alexandria, VA-based conceptualist has worked for clients ranging from Universal Studios to BMW, as well as 40+ US Tourism Destinations, always with a thirst for detail and an incomparable intuition for brand interpretation, targeted creative strategy and designing visual solutions with emotional resonance.

A dairy farmer’s daughter — and one whose mother counts Wayne Newton among her Sunday School pupils!— Cathy was partially raised by grandparents who could neither hear nor speak, allowing her to develop adaptive communications skills from an early age. That ability remains one of her greatest strengths today; indeed Cathy’s happiest work moments are those when “I have a creative challenge to develop a conceptual interpretation that I feel personally passionate about.” Today, when not employing her creativity with interpretative painting, digital illustration and animal welfare advocacy, Cathy consults on a wide range of digital marketing projects, always finding inspiration in a cup of Loumidis Greek coffee or, depending on the clock, a properly made martini.