Ralph Thompson

Chief Brain

Put simply, Ralph always wanted to be rich in mind and hopefully in the pocketbook. The driving force? “So that I could live well and do good things for people.” The former CPA, banker, and ad man-turned entrepreneur now does both, making good on early aspirations by helping hundreds of brands — as notable as McDonalds, Mercedes Benz and IBM — tell their story through thoughtful,... +More

Donna Mracek

Chief Mission Brain

“Play hard, work hard, but do both of them well,” says Donna. In a lot of ways, Ms. Mracek’s own ethos sums up what it’s like to work at eBrains. She’s been living those wise words since high school when she made the decision to pursue advertising as a career, just four short years later landing at an ad agency and never looking back. She’s won many awards and worn multiple hats in... +More

Cathy Seay

Chief Creative Brain

Cathy has a creative mind that spans mediums and sectors, producing compelling, effective, creative work and receiving countless local, regional and national awards in the process. In her more than three decades in marketing and advertising, this Alexandria, VA-based conceptualist has worked for clients ranging from Universal Studios to BMW, as well as 40+ US Tourism Destinations, always with a... +More

Renea Dettman

Senior Brain

Growing up in a rural setting, Renea aspired to do anything but farm work when she grew up. “I wanted no more dealing with chickens, cows or pigs.” So far, that requirement has been met. Still, Renea’s Midwestern roots run deep: her caffeinated beverage of choice is a cold Pepsi (and she’s not afraid to add a little Jack Daniels when the time is right) and she’s a proud domestic... +More

Jennifer Jasper

Senior Brain

“People underestimate how much goes into creating a truly thoughtful strategy,” says Jennifer, who appreciates being in a line of work that allows her to be deliberate and contemplative. As a Senior Brain, Jennifer most values the learning opportunity that comes with each new client and would fittingly advise her 18-year-old self to “seize the opportunity to learn while that’s still your... +More

Glenn Culver

Senior Marketing Brain

Glenn followed the typical path to Senior Marketing Brain, progressing from fry cook to Big Band disc jockey, followed of course by being a repo person and then a published humor columnist. His first “adult jobs” as media planner on the agency side played an even more important role, uncovering two career-defining passions: accountability in marketing and the tourism... +More

Greg Welker

Chief Design Brain

Greg — or G-Rap, as his friends call him — always wanted to be a superhero. That hasn’t happened (yet), but our creative digital design guru has pulled some pretty bold moves, like the time he packed up his worldly possessions and spent his life savings to move to Portland, OR from Kansas City (where’d he already made a name for himself professionally, having won an Addy award from his... +More

Ron Hauwert

Chief Online Brain

Ron may not have become the country’s official “Host of Foreign Dignitaries,” as he’d hoped as a kid, but our Chief Online Brain does dabble in the travel and tourism industries via his laser-sharp email-based marketing skills. Having honed his strategy with premier brands such as Toshiba, PetSmart and as Email Czar at Village Voice Media, Ron is adept at explaining the difference between... +More

Lauren Sloat

Chief Content Brain

Despite her go-getter exterior, Lauren insists her tropical roots still run deep. “Somewhere inside, there’s a guava-drinking, breeze-blown, barefoot version of myself,” she says. Still, this Hawaii-turned-California native’s editorially focused resume is no vacation, and includes writing and interactive story development for such outlets as National Geographic Television, Performer... +More