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Forget Marketing To Snowbirds, Focus On Lovebirds

(Photo: “Shephards Beach Resort,” by Flickr user Lindsay Clark, via Attribution License 2.0) The “Sunshine State” has a lot more to be shining about these days. According to reports from The New York Times, CNN, and The Chicago Tribune, Florida has legalized same sex marriage. This is a momentous occasion not only in the gay community, but also in the travel and tourism industry,... +More

LGBTQ Tourism Marketing is Coming Out

Family-friendly. Singles. Honeymooners. Couples. Retirees. Odds are, as a destination, you have hotels, promotions or attractions to appeal to one or all of these audiences. Odds are, they appeal as equally to the LGBTQ audience, and in recent years tourism marketers have embraced the opportunity and been highly rewarded. According to a survey of around 5,000 interviewees conducted by... +More