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Forget Marketing To Snowbirds, Focus On Lovebirds

(Photo: “Shephards Beach Resort,” by Flickr user Lindsay Clark, via Attribution License 2.0) The “Sunshine State” has a lot more to be shining about these days. According to reports from The New York Times, CNN, and The Chicago Tribune, Florida has legalized same sex marriage. This is a momentous occasion not only in the gay community, but also in the travel and tourism industry,... +More

LGBTQ Tourism Marketing is Coming Out

Family-friendly. Singles. Honeymooners. Couples. Retirees. Odds are, as a destination, you have hotels, promotions or attractions to appeal to one or all of these audiences. � Odds are, they appeal as equally to the LGBTQ audience, and in recent years tourism marketers have embraced the opportunity and been highly rewarded. According to a survey of around 5,000 interviewees conducted by... +More