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Mobile Quickly Eclipsing Desktop + Laptop Travel Bookings

Airline passengers may still have to put their smartphones on Airplane mode, but this could be the only part of the travel process that excludes mobile devices. According to research from eMarketer, nearly half of digital travel researchers will check out flights, hotels, and more not only on a desktop or laptop but also (or only) from their mobile device. 128.8 million people in the U.S.... +More

A Mezmerizing Way To Market A City Rob Whitworth, a prominent filmmaker and photographer, became somewhat of an overnight celebrity for his impressively stunning time-lapse videos of cities. The visually captivating videos, with over 4 million views, show destinations in a way that you have never seen before. A culmination of 10,000 raw images and anywhere between 6-12 months of travel and production... +More

How To Drive Your Own Word-Of-Mouth Engine

According to VPR, results from an in-depth survey given to visitors of Vermont reveal the most significant factor in one’s decision to vacation in Green Mountain State is word-of-mouth. Over the span of two years, more than 8,500 questionnaires were completed by visitors at welcome centers, local attractions and state parks. Of the visitors surveyed, almost two-thirds stated that the... +More