More Than Your Average Traveler: Students Studying Abroad is the Big Travel Marketing Money-Maker
  • eBrains
  • November 7, 2014

Photo credit: Wordpress The travel marketing realm may have just found the next big niche market. Move aside business travelers, the growing trend is that the student segment now commands roughly one-fifth of all international arrivals in the travel industry today. According to a special report unveiled by StudentUniverse and Skift titled “The State of Student Travel,” student travelers... +More

The Phenomenon of Wearable Tech

Photo credit: It’s a little difficult to fathom how much bigger the technology world can get. The average person knows generally of the existence of the “holy trinity” of the tech industry: laptops, smartphones and tablets. In 2014, at electronics shows, the tried and true tablets and smartphones were outperformed by devices that do not go in your pocket or in your hands, but... +More

How Social Media Advertising Reminds Customers That You Exist

According a study by Convertro reported on by, the distance between a social interaction with a customer and the purchase is shrinking, and social media sites are being used as middle-of-the-path touch point for conversions. Social network advertising varies across different sites and across different products. However, an overwhelming percent of the time, customers worldwide... +More

LGBTQ Tourism Marketing is Coming Out

Family-friendly. Singles. Honeymooners. Couples. Retirees. Odds are, as a destination, you have hotels, promotions or attractions to appeal to one or all of these audiences. � Odds are, they appeal as equally to the LGBTQ audience, and in recent years tourism marketers have embraced the opportunity and been highly rewarded. According to a survey of around 5,000 interviewees conducted by... +More

Metasearch + Affiliates: Can Hoteliers Keep Online Travel Agents at Bay?

In a article titled “Metasearch and spaghetti sauce – a little attention goes a long way,” Captivation Marketing CEO Bob Gilbert addresses his growing concern in the world of travel marketing. Gilbert wonders whether Online Travel Agents (OTAs) have too much power as third party providers of accommodations and whether hotels should push to be able to cut out these middlemen.... +More

How Destination Marketing Organizations With A Small Budget Can Appeal To International Travelers

In 2013, the top five most popular U.S. cities among international travelers according to, were (1) New York City, (2) Miami, (3) Los Angeles, (4) Orlando, and (5) San Francisco. Despite the popularity and fame of these top American destinations, other cities are trying to inch their way up the list. Among those making strides toward the top is Chicago, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel believes... +More

Your Next Vacation: Hogwarts + Narnia

In our world of internet, digital advertising, and social media, sometimes you forget the beauty of a good old poster. Throw in fantasy destinations into the mix, and you have some pretty cool retro travel posters. If only these places actually existed! Take a moment from reality and “Experience Hogwarts,” or “Visit Beautiful Narnia.” Have a look through some fun destinations you have... +More

All About The Click: Why Invisible Ads Are A Bad Thing

Saturating consumers with general content seems to have become a major don’t, especially in the travel industry. People looking to go on a beach vacation will not be drawn to click on advertisements about vacations in general, but rather ones that showcase travel packages for Cancun or other beach resort areas. In a recent article on eMarketer, Nielsen explored why consumers tend not to click... +More

A Mezmerizing Way To Market A City Rob Whitworth, a prominent filmmaker and photographer, became somewhat of an overnight celebrity for his impressively stunning time-lapse videos of cities. The visually captivating videos, with over 4 million views, show destinations in a way that you have never seen before. A culmination of 10,000 raw images and anywhere between 6-12 months of travel and production... +More

The Travel Effect Boosts Productivity

The #TravelEffect concept is a recent effort by the U.S Travel Association to try and encourage people to take some time off work and travel. It was was even the main theme of National Travel and Tourism Week 2014 earlier this summer. � The Association says that this would have a significant positive impact, not only on personal wellness but on the economy as well. Bryce Covert wrote in a... +More

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