Your Next Big Trip: The Moon!

12. 9 moon

Anyone have any plans to go anywhere good in 2015? No matter where you propose to go, Ercan Kaygisiz, a 42-year-old man from Turkey, has your travel plans beat. According to World Bulletin, Kaygisiz is one of eight Turkish tourists who applied to make a trip to space at the end of 2015. More than 1,000 from around the world applied to go into space at a price of $100,000, and Kaygisiz, as a result of a sweepstakes win for the XCOR Aerospace Adventure, will get the trip of a lifetime.

Touristic space travel is still in its infancy, but this is not the first time that someone has traveled into space as a tourist. In October, Virgin Galactic’s passenger craft SpaceShipTwo crashed in the California desert, and this disaster is generally seen as a blow to touristic space travel. However, Kaygisiz and his fellow space travelers are not worried. They are excited about the hour long trip into space and the opportunity to experience seven minutes of zero gravity.

So if you have the money and you are brave enough (and lucky enough to win a sweepstakes), you don’t have to go to Europe. That’s boring. Maybe think instead about taking the trip of a lifetime and heading to space. And think ahead about what you want to bring.

“As a Turk, I am planning to take a Turkish flag, a Quran and prayer rug with me,” Kaygisiz said of his plans for his travel outside the atmosphere.