Forget Marketing To Snowbirds, Focus On Lovebirds

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(Photo: “Shephards Beach Resort,” by Flickr user Lindsay Clark, via Attribution License 2.0)

The “Sunshine State” has a lot more to be shining about these days. According to reports from The New York Times, CNN, and The Chicago Tribune, Florida has legalized same sex marriage. This is a momentous occasion not only in the gay community, but also in the travel and tourism industry, as suggested by Paul Brinkmann from the Orlando Sentinel.

Did you hear that, Florida tourism businesses (and for that matter, tourism business nationally)? Opportunity is knocking — it’s time to make a commitment to marketing the gay segment. Whether you’re a local travel organization or a destination marketing firm for Florida, brands in this industry should act fast if they want to ride the wave of prosperity. Start collaborating with your team on your next marketing strategy, before the honeymoon ends.

How can a travel or tourism organization accomplish this task? In a previous blog post LGBTQ Tourism Marketing is Coming Out , we described tips on how to incorporate a gay-friendly message in different marketing channels (email marketing, search engine optimization, paid search, and display ads). These helpful tips draw a picture of an example of a successful gay-friendly campaign.

Whatever you decide for your marketing strategy, remember one aspect when targeting this market — the importance of transparency. For hopes of implementing a successful campaign, businesses should mirror a gay-friendly message with a gay-friendly practice. According to Community Marketing, Inc., “Gay and lesbian consumers are acutely aware of corporate policies and practices that are usually overlooked by others.” It’s important for a brand to relate to the gay community not only with an appropriate message, but also with the company’s actions and values. It’s not enough to say that you support equality. You have to show it in your actions — say what you mean and stand for what you say.