eBrains’ 15th Anniversary: Our Success Guarantees Your Results

  • eBrains
  • November 25, 2014
eBrains' campaign for West Virginia

eBrains’ campaign for West Virginia

As we turn 15, we are proud to continue to deliver results that have helped businesses get people to travel. Getting travelers to find their ideal destination and accommodations is our mission and how we determine success, just like our clients.

eBrains’ digital display campaigns have resulted in increases in Intent to Visit that are more than twice the average of any industry segment. The key is mastering a unique programmatic RTB digital display solution using rich media that feels Native. We’ve been evolving our solutions for 5 years, when the term programmatic was in its infancy. Programmatic is a gold mine for marketers when done right and we have addressed the key concerns reflected in this recent eMarketer article.

After 15 years, we continue to guarantee more destination visitors (proven by independent, third party research) through our full suite of digital services.   While we innovate and evolve with technology, our focus remains fixed on the mission we share with our happy clients. Let us know if you would like to explore being one of them.