• eBrains
  • July 17, 2021

We’ve made a lot of exciting announcements over the past year — and here comes another one. Remember when our parent company announced that we were joining forces with Streetsense? In a nutshell: We found our soul mates…and now we’re making it “Facebook official.” As part of the experience-focused strategy + design collective, we’re working to enhance brands and places, drive consumer demand and foster community for travel and tourism clients.

In short, you’ll find the same brains under a new brand: We will continue to offer evolving digital marketing solutions for the tourism industry — including guaranteed visitor conversion and spending — but with some added perks and even more expertise in lodging and retail. With practices in branding + marketing, architecture + interior design, brokerage + real estate strategy, planning, and food + beverage consulting, we also now have capabilities beyond what we’ve traditionally offered, all integrated under one brand.

As part of this, on July 25 we’re officially merging our social media handles so you can keep up with all of our new endeavors on a single Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page. Don’t miss a beat, see you at realstreetsense!